About Us

So, whats it all about?…

“There are plenty of companies who will take you on European track days and plenty of “normal” touring companies but what we are offering is the chance to ride your bike (like you know it should be ridden) on challenging, traffic free roads with almost constant bends. By that I mean you will see very few straights at all during the tours and I can guarantee some of the best riding you will have ever experienced. No hype, no marketing, just telling it like it is. Kev”

We are professional, full time tour operators and have set ourselves the very highest standards of quality and service. Established souly to provide our customers with the ultimate touring experience. At Wheeltrax we have loved and lived bikes for over 30 years and have a passion to share our enthusiasm and experience with like minded people.
Not only do we cater for those arriving from overseas, we also offer organized tours for bikers attracted from all over Germany and Europe who know the delights of this fantastic biking area.

Wheeltrax pre-planned tours consist of 3, 4, and 7 night packages. Including the very finest routes and destinations. However, we recognize the need to cater for individual tastes and schedules. Flexibility is a key part of our specialized approach.

At Wheeltrax we believe in freedom of choice – and of course having a great time! Although we have numerous scheduled tour dates throughout the season, if you or your group cannot travel on these dates, we will arrange some dates that will suit YOUR schedule! (Subject to a minimum of 4 people).

As well as flexible tour dates, a touring holiday with Wheeltrax will not tie you to one port of departure. Book for yourself and whether ferry or tunnel you are free to choose the best route and time to suite your convenience and location.

If you require longer or shorter stays…. No problem.
We can arrange other lengths of stay to suit you personal needs. Choose between tying in with the scheduled tour dates or arrange your own dates with us on an individual basis.

Want to head off to “Do your own thing”…. No problem.
Alternative activities can be offered at any time.
Whether you have something particular in mind or you use your Wheeltrax tour guide for ideas, the freedom of choice is always yours to use.