Our customers are the most important part of Wheeltrax. Lets see what they have to say about their touring experiences…

When booking a motorcycle tour you need to be confident that you are getting the best package possible for your buck. You only need to listen to our past customers to see that Wheeltrax truly delivers the goods. Below is just a small sample of the regular feedback we are getting from our many happy customers.


Press reactions:
After a visit from Visordown magazine John Hogan said of Wheeltrax that he was
“Blown away”. Going on to say…
“Fantastic roads, beautiful scenery and hotel, along with rider training, suspension service, tools, bike washing facilities and garages, … You´ve got the perfect set up!”
And on leaving for his trip home…
“I honestly dont want to go. Can I stay here and play with you Guys?” Praise indeed from an established bike journalist who has been around the world and ridden in more countries, on more bikes, than most of us can dream of!

(John Hogan is now the Features Editor for Superbike magazine. He’s still in touch with us and still wholeheartedly recommends Wheeltrax Tours)

Customer reactions:
Dave said:
Hello Kevin,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the expert training I received from you earlier this year. Just did a track day at Brands and had an instructor with me for one whole session. At the end of the session he asked who I had previously received training from coz whoever it was did a cracking job. So I had to sing your praises. Have a look at these pics. Wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this without your input.

The side on shot is at Druids (Brands Hatch) and the inside left side of slider is on the tarmac. Got the scuffs to prove it hee hee.

Hope to see you again soon,


Ali said:
Well, where do I start? All I can say is this trip was the best thing I’ve ever done on two wheels.

Dave (aka Gixxer Smurf) and I went with our beloved Gixxers, open minds, and 3 main objectives. To learn more about our own riding skills, have fun & meet new friends, and we achieved all 3. We found roads like no others in the UK, made new friends who we will see again, led by a tour guide like no other, and came back 2 very different riders gagging to get back to Germany next year.

Kev & Wheeltrax were awesome all the way. Excellently organised, great hotel, great food and even greater beer. The roads were smooth, clear and wide. Not what we’re use to at home, and we can’t wait to take a bunch of our mates back next June to do the 7 day tour. Kev, thanks for all your help, advice humour and honesty. Your one of a kind, a true Gent and we’ll see you soon.

“Wok & Wole” and keep up the good work. Ali (THE BANDIT BASHER) Buckman

Richard Said:
Have done two tours with Kev and am going again this year. you want to ride fantastic roads, improve your skills? Then this is the tour of a lifetime, he Kev, is a safe but very quick rider, the tour is geared to YOUR level of experience and competency. So the tour goes to the speed of the slowest rider, but believe me Kev will bring out the best in you.

Thanks Kev, See you soon.


In September 2008 Wheeltrax were host to the GSXRBOYZ and Two Wheels Only Magazine.